Architecture is more than the technical solution to a problem, or the product of ready-made styles.  It is rooted in our cultural way of being – our fundamental values and ideals – and emerges as a direct and apt response to our particular circumstances and the immediate context of the work.

Creative approach

Creativity begins with the material at hand:  existing conditions, project requirements, needs and character of the client.  Examined in its own terms each of these discloses the internal nature of the work and the forces of desire that drive it.  Each project thus presents its own set of issues and suggests its own plan of action.

Similarly, a project’s “style” originates in its own character, emerging only as a coherent response to its particular circumstances.   In place of pre-conceived stylistic solutions we offer a creative attitude, a professional relationship, and an invitation to participate in the full project experience.


Planning and design activities bring various – and often competing – requirements into an integrated and coherent result.  The cornerstone of a successful project is collaboration and good communication.  Common goals established at the outset guide decision-making throughout the work.  Client participation, encouraged at all times, is key to the quality of the results.

A well-considered design will seem self evident.  In reality, it embodies the care and commitment lacking in the easy and “obvious” solution;  and offers a depth and significance that resonates beyond its own material limits.